Grief Support Kit

Discover the Perfect Bereavement Gift, it offers encouragement and expresses sympathy.

A Personal Writing Journal is offered with the Purchase of the Kit.
Flowers are beautiful, but they fade.

This Grief Support Kit Provides Continuous Healing.


About the Grief Support Kit

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The Grief Support Kit contains:

bookFinding Hope In Grief: The Book

Inspired by nature and my own experience, I compiled personal photographs for the emotions in the grief recovery process. It is a symbolic journey, guiding the bereaved from loss and shock, to the path of recovery and healing.

A spiral binding allows the book to lay flat for easy viewing and contemplation.

The book reflects on 17 emotions and has 31 photo pages.


dvdFinding Hope In Grief: The DVD

The Kit contains a 15 minute photo DVD that is synchronized with special music, written exclusively by inspirational composer Steve Chopyak to help evoke the emotions as depicted in the book.


cdFinding Hope In Grief Music: The CD

The CD features 15 minutes of the dynamic music from the DVD, as well as 45 minutes of restful music to soothe the heart. This original music was written exclusively by the same composer. There are no vocals to allow the griever to follow their own process.


The Book, DVD and CD are beautifully packaged in a customized gift box, ready to give as a gift. You don't have to wrap it, or repack it. Each item has short instructions, explaining how to use them. The decorative box is inviting and is designed to be used as a convenient storage space for all the items in the Kit. A personal writing journal is offered with the purchase of the gift and is well accomodated inside the gift box.

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