What people are saying about The Grief support Kit:

The Grief Support Kit offers many tools for healing after a loss.  I highly recommend this unique guide to move forward on the path of recovery.  Some of my patients are the recipients of this beautiful Kit.
~ Dr. Eugene Rajaratnam  M.D.  F.A.C.S.   AV Urological & The California Wellness Institute

Zanya Biviano’s collection of photographs and the music is sure to console and soothe the soul of anyone fortunate enough to experience it. Deep emotions will be touched and released as the griever relates to this unique material. More than a book, more than music, this is a life-altering experience. The creativity and originality of this project is absolutely outstanding. It has left an indelible imprint on my heart.”
~ June Cerza Kolf
Author of the critically acclaimed “When Will I Stop Hurting?” (Baker Book House-1987)

The music and grief/healing dynamics I observed from Zanya’s presentation, Finding Hope in Grief, triggered multi – memory ‘Flashbacks’ of my life’s journeys and experiences.
Her presentation was a phenomenal, spiritual and healing experience.”
~ Colbert B. Williams, Sr., MSW, LCSW, CAMF (Certified Anger Management Facilitator)
President of Executive & Life Coaching, Inc. Lancaster, California

“I lost my only sister to cancer and a close friend and professional colleague this past summer. Not many would probably understand the sorrow and grief that I experienced at the loss of these two special people in my life. I was greatly impressed with the Grief Support Kit, a unique and beautiful guide for dealing with grief, no matter the cause. I hope that those who are experiencing losses of their own will find comfort and guidance in this book, DVD and CD ”
~ Jerry Malcolm
Retired NASA Program Mgr/Engineer

“Zanya Biviano has created a much needed and comforting pathway for those who must make the journey through grief after the loss of a loved one. “A picture is worth a thousand words” applies here. The beautiful photos of nature combined with music for healing makes a perfect gift for those facing this difficult journey.
~ Mitzi Chandler, author of Gentle Reminders and Whiskey’s Song published by Health Communications.

“At Rancho Village Independent Retirement Community, we offer “Finding Hope in Grief” the Grief Support Kit, to family members after the loss of their loved ones as a gift. Flowers are beautiful but they fade, the Kit continually provides healing.”

~ Gary and Diane Lemke and the Management Team at Palmdale. California.

“It helps when we are at home by ourselves.”

“We have something tangible to assist us in our time of grief.”

“The nature photos provide a path from grief towards recovery. The DVD supports healing.”

“It is very helpful as a healing tool in our time of grief”

~Recipients of the Grief Support Kit at Rancho Village Retirement Community

I found the Grief Support Kit to be beautifully done and very uplifting. It is very helpful as I reflect on my sister’s life and her impact on mine.
~ Robert S. Smith – Savannah, Georgia

The perspective and composition of each photograph is in tune with the reality of life and death. It is a stupendous collage of emotional photography, depicting the variety of “movements” in the grieving process. The textures and dynamics of the photos can connect any person in the state of traumatic loss, in a manner that leads to healing.
~ Gypsee Di Navarette, Gypsee’s Studios – Lancaster, California

“Zanya is a very loving and giving person with a heart of gold, especially when it comes to our Veterans. When we saw the Kit and how unique it was, a few of our members and Christina Scrivner ( wife of Kern County Second District Supervisor Zack Scrivner) decided to pitch in and buy the Kits to help support Veterans families.”
~ Navy Veteran Margerite Lite from Rosamond Rotary club, CA